Base Water Totals
Water Volume (L):
Input Ca (ppm): 0 ppm
Input Mg (ppm): 0 ppm
Input Na (ppm): 0 ppm
Input SO4 (ppm): 0 ppm
Input Cl (ppm): 0 ppm
Input HCO3 (ppm): 0 ppm
Salt Additions
CaSO4: 0 gm
CaCl: 0 gm
CaCO3: 0 gm
NaCl: 0 gm
NaHCO3: 0 gm
MgSO4: 0 gm
Written and copyrighted by Jye Smith. Nomograph image is reproduced with permission, and is also copyrighted by John Palmer (Defenestrative Publishing, 2001). Check out or Chapter 15 of 'How To Brew' by John Palmer for more information.